Inspiring Women in Lifelong Leadership (I WILL) Awards  

The Inspiring Women in Lifelong Leadership Award (I WILL) gives recognition to students identifying as women and belong to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga community. These students show exemplary leadership skills by incorporating social justice and gender equity in all they do. They share responsibility to encourage those around them to create positive change on the UTC campus. The award recipients are chosen based on the following criteria: 

  • Equality & social justice infused into every job, activity, and role.

  • Have the ability to influence agendas even without the formal power or authority to do so.

  • Emphasize the value of collective power and responsibility, and generally reject the model of individual leadership.

  • Introspective and critical about their own leadership and the failings or shortcomings of their own movements and organizations.

  • Create innovative structures and bring their transformative agendas into their organizations.

I Will Poster

  • Briana Brady
  • Bethany Bray
  • Bailey Evans
  • Hannah Gateley
  • Jackie Keaton
  • Victoria Lund
  • Sarah McDarmont
  • Anna Pate
  • Megan Sloan
  • Megan Warrenbrand
  • Mary Woodward

i will 2019 winners

  • Rosa Cantu
  • Kristan Cartwright
  • Davon Crews
  • Simone Edwards
  • Natalie Holbrook
  • Dominique Malone
  • Victoria Minor
  • Emily Nixon
  • Mo Omotajo
  • Thuy Truong

I WILL 2018 Winners

  • Alondra Gomez
  • Alexis Johnson
  • Genevieve Brown
  • Kayla Harris
  • Lianna Castillo
  • Linda Murray Bullard
  • Michelle Powell
  • Opeletia Helton
  • Rae Hester
  • Rachel King

I WILL 2017 Winners

  • Alexandra McKay
  • Amanda Schwartz
  • Analisa Shepard
  • Alese Taylor
  • Bryanne Moore
  • Krista Burnette
  • Heather Murray
  • Haley Wilson
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Kenzie Butera
  • Katie Swartwood
  • Kalah Vance
  • Kelsey Weaver
  • Sarah-Grace Battles