What does the Transformation Project Do?

The Transformation Project provides leadership working with campus and community partners to reduce power-based violence, including relationship violence, sexual assault, and stalking. The Project offers direct services and facilitates the use of existing community resources. It also provides training and educational programs as well as information and referral services. It is committed to creating safe spaces for survivors of all races, religions, sexual orientations and genders.

Survivor Advocacy Program

  • provides support for victims through peer counseling and crisis intervention services
  • assists friends and family members of victims
  • delivers information and referral services for services on and off campus
  • provides advocacy for victims including assisting with disciplinary and/or police procedures (if the victim desires to pursue these options)
  • accompanies victims to hearings and/or any meetings to provide support and information about processes and procedures on and off campus
  • works to establish policies and procedures that best serve the needs of victims

Education and Training Programs

  • provides students, faculty and staff with current available resources pertaining to power-based violence
  • conducts informational sessions for student groups on power-based violence
  • provides trained peer counselors and/or faculty volunteers to present in classes where addressing power-based violence is appropriate from an academic perspective
  • offers training programs for staff and faculty on how to help students in crisis
  • conducts public awareness campaigns about power-based violence
  • provides specialized training for particular groups on campus (such as Greeks, athletes, police officers, faculty)