About the Center for Women and Gender Equity


Mission and Values

The Center for Women & Gender Equity at UTC is committed to creating a community of diverse and empowered students through the following core values:

  • Awareness: Educating our community on gender and social injustices

  • Activism/Advocacy: Engaging our community in addressing issues of gender equity and social justice

  • Collaboration: Facilitating education and activist efforts in our community by supporting other social justice organizations and causes

  • Leadership: Developing and empowering students to engage in ethical behavior based on feminist principles of leadership

  • Community: Creating a community of acceptance and celebration of diversity


The Center for Women and Gender Equity at UTC first opened its doors in October 2008 and included programming, education, and gender-based violence advocacy services. With the support of Chancellor Roger Brown, the Center for Women and Gender Equity took its place on the third floor of the University Center. Since its creation, the Center for Women and Gender Equity has become a strong community of students and community members dedicated to principles of social justice and gender equity.

Over the years, the Center for Women and Gender Equity has grown to include four staff members and programs related to women's leadership, wellness, and gender-based violence. To help us expand our programming we have developed the WISE Board, made up of student leaders, to develop and implement programs for the Center for Women and Gender Equity.   

In 2017 the Center was renamed the Center for Women & Gender Equity to recognize the intersections of identity and expand its scope to include support and programming for LGBTQ+ students and work around masculinities.

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