Know Your Numbers!

A standard drink equals one 12-ounce beer, one 6-ounce malt beer/liquor, one 4- to 5-ounce glass of table wine, or 1/2-ounce of 100 proof alcohol.


 Did You Know Alcohol...

  • Cancels out gains from your workout

  • Causes dehydration and slows down the body’s ability to heal

  • Prevents muscle recovery

  • Depletes your source of energy

  • Hampers memory, retention and ability to learn new information

    • Drinking 5 or more alcoholic beverages can affect brain and body activities for up to 3 days

    • 2 consecutive nights of drinking 5 or more alcoholic beverages can affect brain and body activities for up to 5 days

  • Constricts metabolism and endurance

  • Requires increased conditioning to maintain weight

  • A person drinking too much can have second hand effects for others

    • Study/sleep time disrupted by other students’ alcohol abuse

    • Violence from alcohol related physical and sexual assaults

    • Campus environment negatively affected by vandalism

  • BAC is affected by the pace of drinking, quantity consumed, food in stomach, altitude, fatigue, gender, medications, mood and body mass

  • Binge drinking is particularly unsafe. The normal “buzz” is not felt – it goes straight to extreme symptoms

  •  Inhibits absorption of nutrients (Firth, G. & Manzo, L. 2004

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Potential Scenario: What Would You Do?

Some upperclassmen are hosting a party. Some freshmen have confided in you that they don’t drink and aren’t huge “partiers” but since it’s their teammates and they want to make a good impression, they are going to go.
You are there and everyone seems to be having a good time until one of the seniors suggests a drinking game. You know the danger of consuming alcohol quickly and are concerned. Teammates start to gather around a table as one of them begins to explain the rules for the drinking game. The freshmen who had confided in you initially decline but others start hassling them. You can see they’re uncomfortable. They look at you. What do you do?


Action Steps!



  1. Plan ahead – Set a limit BEFORE going out.

  2. Encourage them to stop drinking (or take their drink away) when they’ve had enough.

  3. Stay with them to ensure they will be all right.

  4. Remove them from the situation.

  5. Get them to consume non-alcoholic beverages first.

  6. Get them to alternate between non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

  7. Get them to sip rather than gulp if they are drinking alcohol.

  8. Have them consume food while drinking alcoholic beverages.

  9. Tell them not to drink while taking medication.

  10. Tell them to avoid taking aspirin if they have been drinking. (DO NOT take Tylenol or other Acetaminophen medication for a hangover; liver damage may result!)

  11. Never discuss problematic behavior when the person is under the influence.

Note: Responsible party hosting includes providing non-alcoholic beverages, serving food, limiting focus on drinking by not allowing drinking games or serving alcoholic punches, refraining from pushing alcoholic drinks, and limiting quantity of alcohol available.

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