Be Well

Be Well at UTC

We strive for a university culture that identifies emotional, physical, and mental wellness as an integral part of success and fosters a safe environment that supports the personal, academic, and social well-being of the UTC community.

Learn more about our comprehensive approach to wellness and find on-campus resources below:

move well

Move Well Resources

Move Well is about being active in support of physical, mental and social wellbeing through exercise, recreation and exploration of UTC’s campus and the surrounding Chattanooga community. Move Well programs welcome individuals of all abilities and experience levels.

plan well

Plan Well Resources

Plan Well is relevant throughout our lives and educational pursuits. Plan Well encompasses academic study, career enhancement, goal setting, financial planning and volunteerism.

play well

Play Well Resources

The Play well dimension of wellness includes how we relate to others and discover meaning and purpose as we navigate our daily lives.

This includes communication, the ability to be open to new experiences, social health, and enhancing personal growth inside and outside the classroom.

Community Resources:

respect well

Respect Well Resources

Respect Well encompasses a commitment to promoting safety, inclusivity, appreciation, and awareness on the UTC campus through engaging programming related to building healthy relationships, respecting difference, developing social skills, and gaining an understanding of issues related to civility, conduct, academic integrity, sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and stalking.

Community Resources:

nourish well

Nourish Well Resources

Nourish Well contributes to the health and well-being of our UTC community by educating all about the food we eat to fuel the body in support of good physical and mental health.

We are committed to helping students honor hunger and fullness, eating mindfully, and making peace with food. It rejects the false promises of dieting and body shaming. 

Community Resources:

feel well

Feel Well Resources

Feel well means being supported in a way that allows one to achieve physical and mental health holistically and proactively. It is the end result of seeking care to identify, acknowledge, heal, strengthen, and maintain one's mental and physical health for short term and long term wellness.

Community Resources:

logo: smoke free UTC

Our campus has been smoke-free since Jan. 1, 2019!

University Health Services will support any student, faculty or staff member who needs assistance to quit smoking. Students, as well as faculty and staff, can visit University Health Services for a no-cost assessment of current use, presentation and discussion of options, and prescription of cessation approaches if desired/necessary.

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