University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Center for Reflective Citizenship Teacher Institute

“Consequential Ideas in American History and Government"

February 23rd-24th, 2018

University Center: Chickamauga Room

We are pleased to announce our sixth annual teacher institute titled “Consequential Ideas in American History and Government” that will begin at 4:45pm Friday, February 23rd and conclude at 4:00pm Saturday, February 24th.

The objectives of this institute are to increase participant understanding of seminal historical, political, economic, and cultural ideas that profoundly shaped U.S. history and still influence contemporary American life and for participants to work with outstanding teachers who already address these ideas in their classrooms. Each of the six thematic sessions in the institute will feature exceptional university scholars and CRC high school and middle school Faculty Fellows who are master teachers. We are able to offer $225 stipends for 20 motivated and effective high school and middle school teachers. We will consider applications from history, government, economics, and literature teachers. The institute schedule is below and also available at this link.

You may download an application here. The deadline for all applications is January 15th, 2018. However, potentially exceptional applicants will be considered for acceptance on a first come, first served basis.

Institute Schedule

Friday February 23, 2018

4:45pm – 5:00pm: Welcome and Institute Logistics

Lucien Ellington; UC Foundation Professor of Education at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), Director of the Asia Program and Center for Reflective Citizenship (CRC)

5:00pm – 6:00pm:Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and the Foundations of the American Republic.”

Kody Cooper; UTC Assistant Professor of Political Science                

6:00pm – 6:30pm: “Hobbes, Locke, and the Consent of the Governed.”

Matt Logan; Lafayette High School Honors and AP U.S. Government Teacher, CRC Faculty Fellow

6:30pm – 6:45pm: Break

6:45pm – 7:20pm: Buffet dinner

7:20pm – 8:20pm: “How James Madison’s Ideas Influenced America.”

David Bobb; President of the Bill of Rights Institute

8:20pm – 8:50pm: “Teaching About the Founders.”

Pam Fields; Hilger Higher Learning Social Studies Department Chair and High School Teacher, CRC Faculty Fellow

Saturday February 24, 2018

7:45am – 8:25am: Continental breakfast

8:30am – 9:30am: “Pride and Profit: Jane Austen, Adam Smith, and the American Virtue of Prudence, Benevolence, and Justice.”

Michelle Vachris; Professor of Management, Business, and Economics at Virginia Wesleyan University

9:30am – 10:00am: “Understanding the Rise and Fall of Empires Through Art.” 

Hunt Davidson; High School History Teacher at Chattanooga Christian School, CRC Faculty Fellow

10:00am – 10:10am: Break

10:10am – 11:10am: “Can or Should the U.S. be a Redeemer Nation?”

Wilfred McClay; The G.T. and Libby Blankenship Chair in the History of Liberty at the University of Oklahoma

11:10am – 11:40am: “Teaching About the Complexities of War in U.S. History: Case ”

Mike Breakey; U.S. History and College Success Teacher at Georgia Northwestern Technical College, Retired Air Force   Lieutenant Colonel, CRC Faculty Fellow

11:40am – 12:15pm: Lunch

12:15pm – 1:15pm: “Race and the American Story: Past and Present.”

Adam Seagrave; University of Missouri Kinder Institute Associate Professor of Constitutional Democracy

1:15pm – 1:45pm: “Teaching about Abraham Lincoln and Slavery.”

Jeremy Henderson; Middle School and AP U.S. History Teacher at the Chattanooga Center for Creative Arts, CRC Faculty Fellow

1:45pm – 1:50pm: Break

1:50pm – 2:50pm: “The Rise and Legacy of the Progressive Movement.”

Richard Gamble; Professor of History at Hillsdale College and Anna Margaret Ross Alexander Chair in History and Politics

2:50pm – 3:20pm: “Woodrow Wilson and World War I.”

Linda Mines; Chair of the History Department Emeritus at Chattanooga’s Girls Preparatory School, Chattanooga and Hamilton County Official Historian, CRC Faculty Fellow

3:20pm – 3:30pm: Evaluation

Lucien Ellington