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Project Management Fundamentals

Examples of Project Management

You might be asking yourself, "Is this a project or is this considered project management?" You might not even know.

Here are some examples of project management:

Human Resources

  • Evaluating performance criteria 
  • Performing a job task analysis 
  • Executing a compensation analysis
  • Developing a training program
  • Improving company policy and procedures


  • Installing new equipment to the line
  • Redesigning a floor layout
  • Upgrading inventory process
  • Adding a new line 
  • Designing training
  • Improving quality assurance standards


  • Upgrading website system
  • Improving web-based database
  • Enhancing user experience on mobile platform


  • Performing departmental audits
  • Building annual report
  • Updating company financial processes


  • Developing a new course curriculum
  • Instituting a new policy
  • Updating course content


  • Designing new marketing collateral
  • Rolling out a digital campaign 
  • Working with partners to increase product value--i.e. discounts, incentives, etc. 
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