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PMP® Exam Overview


How to Prepare

Join UTC's PMP® Exam Prep Instructor Jonathan Seifried, PMP® as he discusses the PMP credential and its benefits. Jonathan will provide insight on the application process and certain aspects to consider when submitting your application. At the end of the webinar, Jonathan will discuss ways to prepare highlighting the UTC PMP® Boot Camp.  

Meet the Presenter

Jonathan Seifried

Jonathan Seifried, PMP®

Alabama native, Jonathan Seifried is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), business owner, consultant, and university instructor based in Auburn, Alabama. Jonathan received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations and Master of Arts degree in Communication from Auburn University. After having worked as a project manager for several years, Jonathan earned the PMP designation in 2011 and has used his skills in a variety of projects in the technology sector. As a Director for a custom software company engaged in government contracts, Jonathan has project management experience in all 10 of the PMBOK® Knowledge Areas as he has been involved with large-scale software projects from the initial procurement phase through project implementation and closure.