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Medical Billing and Coding Academy

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Our Medical Billing and Coding Academy delivers the skills students need to solve insurance billing and coding problems. It details proper assignment of codes and the process to file claims for reimbursement. With the transition to ICD-10, effective as of October 1, 2015, this course will also provide training in ICD-10-CM.

The Academy includes 80 hours of instruction and meets the educational requirements for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam. 

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Who Should Attend

Our Medical Billing and Coding Academy is intended for students who want to prepare for an exciting, challenging and rewarding career in healthcare.

Medical Billing and Coding Academy students should have or be pursuing a high school diploma or GED.


How to Enroll

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To enroll in UTC's Medical Billing and Coding Academy, please see the course schedule and add the program to your shopping cart.

Participants who are interested in the Medical Billing and Coding do not need to complete a FAFSA nor be officially admitted to the University. 

There are no course prerequisites for this course. 

If you have questions about enrollment, please schedule a time to speak to a program coordinator or contact the Center for Professional Education at 423-425-4344. 

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What You Will Learn

  • An overview of healthcare and insurance industry
  • The organization and use of the ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS manuals to identify correct codes
  • Detailed review and practice using the alphabetic index and tabular list of the ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, and practice coding examples within the CPT
  • Basic claims processes for medical insurance and third-party reimbursements
  • Completing common insurance forms, tracing delinquent claims, and appealing denied claims
  • ICD-10-CM Overview



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How You Will Benefit

  • Earn a relevant and up-to-date education
  • Gain real-world and practical experience
  • Access to job opportunities and employers

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About Certification

Our course meets the educational requirements for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam. 

After completing the program, students must have at least one year of coding experience to receive the CPC certification.

Students who do not have one year of expereince will receive the CPC-A certification. The CPC-A certification allows you to work as a certified coder while working towards full certification through on-the-job experience.

Once you have earned one year of experience, you will earn the full CPC certification.

The certification exam is included in the cost of the course. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Refund Policy

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Contact Us for More Information

Not sure where to start? Schedule a meeting with our program coordinator to find the best option for you.

From funding options to certification exams, we will make sure you have the information you need to be successful.