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The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Siskin Hospital have partnered to develop an accredited 5-week Certified Nursing Assistant program. The program prepares students to sit for the State of Tennessee Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Licensure Exams. 

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Academy will prepare students for employment opportunities working to enhance the lives of patients in nursing home and residential care facilities, as well as hospitals. CNA’s provide hands-on healthcare to patients in medical settings by gathering patients’ vital signs and assisting with daily life activities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of CNA’s is rising faster than the average of all occupationsexpected to increase by 9% through 2028. 

In the program, students will review important topics such as how to resuscitate patients and observe patient conditions. Genuine concern for the ill and disabled patients and willingness to shoulder responsibilities make these professionals the backbone of the nursing industry.  


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Who Should Register

Our CNA Academy is designed for students desiring to prepare for an exciting, challenging, and rewarding career in healthcare.  

Students should attend who are interested in enhancing the lives of patients, along with the level of quality healthcare, in the local community. Students enroll from various backgrounds, such as 

  • High school graduates 
  • Those looking to make a career change 
  • Those preparing for an RN/LPN degree 
  • Patient care techs 

There are no previous educational requirements needed to participate in this program. 

To be eligible for the clinical rotation, students must successfully complete the 120-hour program, submit to a thorough background check, drug screening, and meet other requirements.  

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How to Enroll

To enroll in UTC’s CNA Academy, please see the course schedule and add the program to your shopping cart.  

Students who are interested in the CNA Academy do not need to complete a FAFSA nor be officially admitted to the university. 

 The requirements for enrolling include: 

  • High school diploma or background check 
  • Interview
  • Must provide proof of background check and drug testing  
  • Ability to attend all class and clinical sessions 

If you have questions about enrollment, please schedule a time to speak to a program coordinator or contact the Center for Professional Education at 423-425-4344.  


female nurse checking heartbeat of a patient

What You Will Learn

While the job can be demanding, CNA’s have the opportunity to be a constant in patients’ lives as they provide comfort and support to patients on a regular basis. You will provide that support by learning to: 

  • Gather a patient’s vital signs 
  • Perform resuscitation and assist with basic life support 
  • Prevent and control infection in both yourself and the client 
  • Find the proper feeding technique for each client based on their condition 
  • Assist with daily life activities, such as feeding, bathing, and dressing 
  • Ensure patients are using proper body mechanics and mobility techniques to prevent injury 
  • Properly move and ambulate clients 

(See course schedule to learn more).  

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How You Will Benefit

  • Launch a career as a CNA within 3 months of starting the course 
  • Begin a career with job stability and attractive benefits, such as a salary and insurance 
  • Gain patient hours and practical, real-world experience 
  • Participate in clinicals to hone skills and knowledge 
  • Earn a relevant and up-to-date education  
  • Access job opportunities and employers  


About the Externship (Siskin Partnership)

CPE has partnered with Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation to provide an accredited Certified Nursing Assistant Program. This program includes three weeks of UTC classroom instruction, followed by two weeks of clinicals at Siskin Hospital.  

The program gives local individuals an opportunity to become a certified healthcare professional while strengthening our community’s extraordinary healthcare workforce. The clinical rotation will allow students to interact with physicians, staff, and patients to better understand job responsibilities and duties. 

To be eligible for the clinical rotation, students must successfully complete the 120-hour program, submit to a thorough background check and drug screening, and have up-to-date immunization records. 

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About Certification  

Students who complete the Certified Nursing Assistant Academy will be prepared to sit for the State of Tennessee’s CNA Licensure Exams. There are two exams: the CNA knowledge test and the CNA skills test. The certification exams are included in the cost of the course. If you pass both components of the exam, your name will be added to the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry. 

Learn more about the certification exams here. 



Frequently Asked Questions

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Financial Aid

Siskin has a tuition reimbursement program available for eligible participants. Other financial aid options can be found at the link below. 

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Refund Policy

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Contact Us for More Information

Not sure where to start or what program would be best for you? Schedule a meeting with our program coordinator to find the best option for you.

From funding options to certification exams, we will make sure you have the information you need to be successful.