A group of diverse people sitting at a conference table

Going Southern

Whether you’re Going Southern to start a company or join a company, coming alone or with family, here’s how to start off on the right foot. If you’re studying here and considering working in The South, here’s what you need to help make productive plans.  If you’re a Southerner working with transplants, this course will help you avoid culture clash and make the most of your diverse team.

Workshop Sections

What you need to know about Southern Culture?

  1. Geography & History
  2. Demographics & Family
  3. Social Structure: Work-Life Balance

Frequent Questions in The South and Your Answers

  1. Are you from around here?
  2. Have you seen that yet?
  3. Where did you buy it?
  4. What Church do you attend?
  5. Do you know this music?  ... And more....

How to Communicate Effectively in the South

  1. Common idioms
  2. Telling stories
  3. Informality vs. Formality

Networking & Socializing

  1. Nonverbal communication
  2. Common misunderstandings
  3. All about Food
  4. Conversation topics