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Financial Aid and Discounts

We know that every bit of financial support helps when pursuing your education. We are pleased to offer a variety of options to help you achieve your goals. 

To learn more about financial aid options, please call 423-425-4344 or email cpe@utc.edu


SHRM Chattanooga Member Discount

15% discount on CPE facilitated HR-related courses. For details, please contact 423-425-4344 or cpe@utc.edu.

NWGA SHRM Member Discount

15% discount on CPE facilitated HR-related courses. For details, please contact 423-425-4344 cpe@utc.edu.

Chattanooga PMI Member

15% discount on CPE facilitated Project Management related courses. For details, please contact 423-425-4344 or cpe@utc.edu.

UTC Alumni Discount

10% discount on CPE facilitated courses. Third-party online classes are eligible for a 10% discount with a maximum discount of $400. Exclusions may apply to select courses.  For details, please contact 423-425-4344 or cpe@utc.edu.

Corporate Discounts

Contact us to see how your company can set up a corporate discount. For more information, please call 423-425-4344 or cpe@utc.edu.

Discount Guidelines

Discounts can not be bundled. The highest yielding discount will be the one applied to an individual purchase. Discounts are only valid for individual registrations. 

Employer educational or tuition vouchers can be used to pay for enrollment. The voucher must clearly state the student’s name, the employer’s name and address, the class(es) to enroll the student in, and the total amount approved. Course enrollment will be made once the voucher is received. The Center for Professional Education will then invoice the employer.

The Center for Professional Education does not accept vouchers with restrictions, such as “will not pay until course is over” or “must make a C or better.”

Sallie Mae LogoThe Center for Professional Education has partnered with Sallie Mae to provide private student loans. 

Sallie Mae is committed to serving their borrowers so they can successfully pay their loans and build their credit.

  • 100% U.S. based loan originations and loan servicing representatives
  • Financial literacy resources
  • 24/7 account self-service available online and by phone
  • Team dedicated to helping our borrowers in the military

What are the Rates and Fees for a Sallie Mae's Smart Option Student Loan?

Student borrowers may select from fixed or variable interest rates.

  • To view the rates for fixed or variable interest rates, please visit: www.salliemae.com/ratesheet
  • The Smart Option Student Loan for undergraduate students has a 5-15 year repayment term. Student borrowers may select from interest-only or fixed payments while still in school, or they may defer payments until six months after graduation
  • There is no penalty for early payment.

Repayment Options

  • Deferred repayment: Make no scheduled loan payments while you’re in school and in your separation or grace period (6 months after leaving school).
  • Fixed repayment: Pay a fixed amount every month you're in school and in grace. For example, pay $25 every month you’re in school and in grace, and you can save an average of 14% on your total undergraduate student loan cost when compared to our deferred repayment option. Then unpaid interest will be added to principal amount at the end of grace period.
  • Interest repayment: Pay interest every month you’re in school and during your grace period. You’re interest rate will be 1% point lower than with our deferred repayment option and you can save an average of 29% on your total student loan cost, compared to our deferred repayment option.

Does Sallie Mae Offer Discounts for Student Loans?

  • Yes, borrowers who sign up for autopay can save an additional 0.25% point interest rate reduction.
  • Receive .5% point off your interest rate for choosing Fixed Repayment
  • Receive 1% point off your interest rate for choosing Interest Repayment

NOTE: Some programs sell out weeks before the start date. If you plan to apply for a loan, begin your application early to allow adequate processing time.

Steps to Apply for Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan:

  • Visit https://www.salliemae.com/sosl/00352998 
  • Click the "I A'm Ready to Apply for a Loan" button in the top right corner
  • Select your status (student, cosigner, or parent/sponsor)
  • Select "Career Training School"
  • Ensure "University of Tennessee Chattanooga Center for Professional Education" is selected
  • Ensure "Smart Option Student Loan" is selected
  • Complete the 15 minute loan application
  • Once completed, a UTC representative will reach out to you within 1-2 business days.

American Job Center Logo

The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act is a federal grant that covers training expenses for individuals who have been laid off from employment, or whose household income is at or below the federal poverty level. The purpose of the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act is to prepare eligible Adults, Dislocated Workers, and Youth for entry into the labor market. UTC Center for Professional Education is on the Eligible Training Providers List (ETPL).

 Current programs approved for WIOA funding:

 To determine eligibility:

Feel free to reach out to the nearest WIOA representative below & request a meeting to determine WIOA eligibly. If you are in the Chattanooga area, you can stop by the American Job Center on any Thursday at 3pm. They host a free info session on the WIOA funding at that time and they will go over with you personally whether or not you would be a good fit. The Chattanooga office is located at: 5600 Brainerd Rd. Suite A5, Chattanooga, TN 37411.

UTC Center for Professional Education is not authorized to approve students for WIOA funding, nor may we counsel you on your eligibility or on available WIOA funding. Please contact an American Job Center WIOA counselor below to secure funding. 

Chattanooga Office:

Eastgate Town Center
5600 Brainerd Rd. Suite A-5
Chattanooga, TN 37411

P 423-894-5354
F 423-894-2758

Office Hours: M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm

Dawn Zimmerman – dzimmerman@mchra.com OR  423-643-2341

Ileash Watsoniwatson@mchra.com OR 423-643-2342


Jasper Office:

American Job Center
5510 US Hwy 41
Jasper, TN 37347

P 423-837-9103

Office Hours: M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm

Kyle Summersksummers@mchra.com


Cleveland Office:

3535 Adkisson Drive NW
Technology Building Suite 130-A
Cleveland, TN 37312

P 423-790-5552
F 423-790-5606
Office Hours: M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm

Wendy Stewartwstewart@mchra.com OR 423-614-8754


Dayton Office

Regional Skills Center
200 4th Avenue
Dayton, TN 37231

P 423-570-1107
F 423-775-0240
Office Hours: M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm

Nathaniel Gatesngates@mchra.com OR 423-570-1107 ext. 225

Yolanda Yorkyyork@mchra.com OR 423-570-1107 ext. 222

Athens Office

ATHENS, TN 37303

P 423-745-2028
F: 423-745-0749
Office Hours: M-F 8am - 4:30pm

Angi Hawnahawn@mchra.com OR 423-252-5057

Casey Eschettecasey.eschette@mchra.com OR 423-252-5074

Diona Brooksdbrooks@mchra.com OR 423-252-5076

Please note the WIOA application process takes several weeks, so please do not delay in getting started. Once WIOA grant approval is awarded by the WIOA Office, please contact Will Watson at William-A-Watson@utc.edu or by calling 423-425-4344.