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AP® World History

New & Experienced Teachers

The UTC World History APSI is designed to meet the needs of high school AP teachers.  This will be accomplished through a survey that will be sent out in advance for the participants to help set the exact agenda.  During the course of the week, we will address the new requirements for APWH by College Board, including the syllabus, new changes to what the students must know, and things they do not need to know.  Session time will be spent working on all the required essays, both how to teach the students how to write them, as well as scoring the essays.  Examples for practice scoring will be available and used during the week.  All teachers prefer having help making assignments, and we will work on creating those as a class for all to use in their own classroom.  Each participant is encouraged to bring one they have used in their class, have thought of but need help finishing, need to adapt to the AP curriculum, or just like it a great deal and wish to share.  Ideas for outside readings, ways to use peer review, assignments, resources, and fun activities will also be given time in the sessions.

Course Takeaways

  1. Applying the course changes regarding the new time frames
  2. Understanding the scoring with the rubric and how to teach it to the students.
  3. Writing MC, SAQ’s, and FRQ’s for each time period, creating a common set to share.
  4. Promote understanding of the course requirements and guidelines and how to plan accordingly.

Additional Information

Please bring your laptops to allow easy access to shared files on a Google drive and other internet resources.  I would encourage you to have your textbook with you for use when we work on pacing and scheduling.