A model of a brain

AP® Psychology

New & Experienced Teachers

During the APSI Psychology course, you will receive detailed content instruction of AP Psychology, emphasizing the biological and statistical content within it. Proper pacing of your course, writing skills necessary for your learners to be successful on the Free Response Questions along with engaging activities and project ideas will be shared. Time will be set aside to introduce the mandatory AP audit along with resources needed and how to complete it.


  • Creating of a sample syllabus and sample units for the coming year
  • Tackling multiple choice questions in how to successfully answer the sorts of questions that appear on AP exams
  • Writing and successfully answering AP level essay questions
  • Analyzing past exams, including samples from the 2018 exam
  • Planning for what to do after the exam is over
  • Examining available support materials: textbooks, website options, supplementary texts, review books
  • Discussing practical, classroom expectations and the preparation of materials and strategies that can be used on the first day of the new school year

Course Takeaways

  1. You will have a precise idea of what should be covered in the successful AP Psychology course.
  2. You will have developed a workable pacing guide for your upcoming year.
  3. You will be knowledgeable how the AP Psychology exam is set up and how to best prepare your students.