Big collection of elements, symbols and schemes of physics, chemistry and sacred geometry. The science theme.

AP® Physics Course Schedule

Day 1

AM1       Introductions/ Agenda/MC test

AM2       CED / Year Long Pacing

PM1       Hands on Labs / Lab Presentations

PM2       AP Reading / Paragraph Length FRQ’s

Day 2

AM1       AP Classroom / Audit / AP Community

AM2       P1 Workbook / SP Scaffolding

PM1       Experimental Design FRQs

PM2       Lab Reports/Experimental Design Labs


Day 3

AM1      Equity / Unit Design

AM2       Inquiry / Applet Activities

PM1       AP Lab Manual / Hands on Labs

PM2       Qualitative Quantitative Translation FRQ’s


Day 4

AM1       TIPERs / CED Instructional Approaches

AM2       Science Practices / Labs by Units

PM1       Best Practices from Participants

PM2       Flipping / Textbooks / Technology / Probeware

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