A map with polaroid pictures of Rome and Paris on top of it.

AP® Human Geography

Course Schedule


Introduction to the course and each other: what are YOUR needs in this session???

Trevor Packer, the “Course Audit” 2020 forward, and College Board access

Analysis and discussion of the course outline and your textbook vs CED

How to get Parents on your side

Sample Teaching Activities:

      Field Trip- working as a geographer

      The Demographic Transition Model


Diffusion- the Spread of ______________________

      Gender in Human Geography

      Development of lesson ideas- what to consider

The CED: “tagging” lessons


Analysis and discussion of the course outline- the binder

How to assess FRQ’s and best practice

Political Organizations of Space

Language Families


Territoriality, sovereignty, nation, state, nation-state


Development of lesson ideas- what to consider

Sample teaching activities:

   Language families

   Religion field trip


Agriculture and Rural Land Use

Industrialization and Economic Development

Sample teaching Activities

   Von Thunen’s Agricultural Land Use model

   Location of a Mercedes Dealership

Development of lesson ideas


AP Examination- format, style of questions, grading

Analysis and discussion of course outline

Cities and Urban Land Use

Central Place Theory

Urban Models

Analysis of Internal social/economic patterns of cities

Development of lesson ideas


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