Chattanooga AP Summer Institute June 15-18 & June 22 - 24. Inspiring Teachers | Impacting Teachers 

Chattanooga AP Summer Institute Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Our consultants are working diligently to develop schedules that include asynchronous and synchronous learning activities. 

You will have opportunities to collaborate with classmates and instructors through discussion boards and breakout groups. Instructors will also be available through office hours and through email. 

We will Zoom to conduct the synchronous learning activities and Canvas.

Our consultants are developing strategies and labs that can be effectively demonstrated online. 

In some cases, the actual lab may be demonstrated by the consultant with participant exercises based on the lab results. 

In other cases, some labs may be done with common household items.  In either case, our consultants are committed to ensuring you get the benefit of the labs as part of your APSI experience.


We will work with you in advance of the APSI to ensure you have access to the resources that you need.

The live-online portion of the workshop will be hosted through Zoom. Participants will use Canvas for discussion boards, submitting questions and assignments, and access to additional content.


Yes, UTC is mandated by College Board to offer the same number of contact hours of training as a face to face.  Full participation in activities, discussions, lectures, and assignments will be required to earn the CEU certificate.


We will issue a refund for the balance between the fee paid and the new fee.


We will miss having you here, too!  We will still be as engaged as in the past.  We will still be talking with you, stopping in on classes, and checking on you. 

We will allow you to cancel your registration and receive a refund.  Please contact to start the refund process. 


We will begin a process of collecting the necessary information from you to share with College Board.  They will ship materials directly to your home address.


We always encourage early registration so that we can make the best decisions about program planning. 

If you find out late, we will work with you to the extent we can; however, due to the operational changes this year, we may not be able to accommodate every late registration request.  We also cannot guarantee delivery 5 business days before the workshop starts.  Please monitor email traffic carefully!


A laptop or home computer system, with Internet access and a web cam.


We are aware and share your concern.  We are working closely with out campus IT to ensure we offer a safe and secure learning environment.  If we determine we need to provide an alternative platform, we will.