A student reading a book

AP® English Literature and Composition


  1. Introductions & Procedures
  2. Texts, Review Books & Internet Resources
  3. Reading Selections: Summer & Classroom
  4. The Three E’s: Engaging, Empowering, Evaluating
  5. Teaching Poetry
    1. Analytic skills required for AP Poetry analysis
    2. Poetry Analysis Question ’19 samples and rubric
  6. Teaching Prose Style Analysis
    1. The 5 Pillars of Style Analysis
    2. Analysis vs. Plot Summary
    3. Syntax
    4. Prose Analysis Question ‘19 samples and rubric
  7. Teaching the Novel & Drama
    1. Participant-lead discussions/Best Practices in the the novel and drama
    2. Open-Ended Question ’19 samples and rubric
  8. Multiple Choice practice & strategies
  9. Teaching the Novel: As I Lay Dying
    1. Engagement & Empowerment activities
    2. Poetry and projects for As I Lay Dying
    3. Writing about As I Lay Dying
  10. Sharing Best Practices*             


Due Tuesday: 5 minute prewrite each Q 1, 2, 3 (2019)

Due Wednesday: Multiple Choice practice 2009 in blue book

Due Thurs:  Complete As I Lay Dying

*Best Practices are fun to share at an APSI.  They are practices that have been used successfully in an AP English Literature classroom and can be shared at any appropriate time during the week.  This is not a requirement!  Please let me know if you have something to share and where you think your contribution would fit best, and we will make time for your presentation.  Any best practices which do not fit into areas of discussion earlier in the week will be shared on Thursday afternoon.  Please limit your presentation to 5 minutes maximum and bring enough copies of handouts for all participants if possible or share electronically.