A tablet with charts and graphs on it

AP® Micro and Macro Economics



AM    Introductions (me, participants, this workshop, AP Econ, macro/micro courses) and resources       

PM    Basic Economic Concepts

Homework: comparative advantage worksheet

“Graph the effect on equilibrium price and quantity in the market for   _____SUV’s_____ if there is a change (increase) in ____the price of gasoline____.


AM    Go over homework, Macro questions

PM    Macro          

Homework:  Macro FRQ


AM    Go over homework, Micro questions

PM    Micro   

Homework:  Be ready to present a best Practice Micro FRQ

Draw a graph of a perfect competitor.  Using 3 different colors, draw 3 different ATC curves illustrating a loss, a normal profit, and a profit.  Bonus:  use a 4th color to add an AVC curve illustrating loss/produce.


AM    Go over homework, questions, Best Practices Activities

PM    Reviewing and test Prep/sample grading

Homework: prepare for your AP Econ course(s) and let me know if I can help with anything!