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AP® Computer Science Principles


Gina McCarley

Gina McCarley

Gina McCarley teaches AP Computer Science Principles at Sheffield High School in Sheffield, Alabama.   Additionally, she has taught Introduction to Programming and APCS-A for the Alabama Virtual School via the Alabama ACCESS program for the Northern region of the state. Gina has been working in education since leaving industry in 1999.

Gina served as a mentor teacher for CS4Alabama’s launch of Computer Science Principles course and is a participated pilot teacher in the College Board National Pilot of AP Computer Science Principles Phase II.  She has been a Table Leader for the AP Reading of the AP Computer Science Principles exam.  Gina also works as an AP Computer Science Principles teacher mentor and student study session leader for NMSI.

In the classroom, Gina uses multimedia tools to engage student interest and participation. Some of her most successful projects involve her students using multimedia tools to express themselves creatively and to document their exploration in problem base inquiry.