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AP® Computer Science Principles

New & Experienced Teachers

AP Computer Science Principles will introduce students to the creative aspects of programming, abstractions, algorithms, large data sets, the Internet, cybersecurity concerns, and computing impacts. This course isn’t language specific and is assessed through course performance tasks and an end of course assessment.

Course Takeaways

  1. Gain an understanding of the course and the curriculum framework.
  2. Examine requirements for the required performance task and end of course assessment.
  3. Explore options for pacing, planning and sequencing their course.
  4. Consider lesson examples and strategies for addressing multiple big ideas in the same unit or lesson.
  5. Review the curricular requirements and syllabus development.

Additional Information

You may bring your own device.  You will be given access to a drive with shared files from the workshop.  You may request a desk copy of CS Illuminated text by Jones & Bartlett Publishing.