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AP® Calculus AB - Online

This course will prepare secondary mathematics teachers to be highly effective in teaching AP Calculus to their students.  Throughout the course, several strategies will be presented and modeled for teachers so that they can share these with their students to help them be successful on the AP Calculus Exam in the spring. Teachers will become familiar with the new Course and Exam Description that accompany the AP Calculus course. Additionally, participants will gain access to hundreds of files that can be easily implemented in their classrooms.  These files include guided practice, skill builders, formative assessments. and activities. These takeaways will be taught through hands-on activities, presentations, and problem-solving.



What You Will Learn

  • Unit 1:  Limits and Continuity
  • Unit 2:  Differentiation: Definition and Basic Derivative Rules
  • Unit 3:  Differentiation: Composite, Implicit and Inverse Functions
  • Unit 4:  Contextual Applications of Differentiation
  • Unit 5:  Analytical Applications of Differentiation
  • Unit 6:  Integration and Accumulations of Change
  • Unit 7:  Differential Equations
  • Unit 8:  Applications of Integration
  • Reviewing for the AP Calculus Exam
  • Using the AP Classroom website
  • Assessments in the AP Calculus Classroom
  • Building a Successful AP Calculus Program at Your School

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How You Will Benefit

  • Receive access to hundreds of resources that they can implement in their classrooms.
  • Engage in several hands-on activities that facilitate stronger conceptual understanding of the topics being taught.
  • Understand through the process of writing an appropriate scope and sequence for their course.
  • Explore several different assessment techniques and be given access to use or modify dozens of assessments provided to them.
  • Discuss strategies in which they can build their AP Calculus programs and make it more accessible to and equitable for more students.

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How Online Workshops Will Work

No one wants to sit and watch a 32-hour long webinar, so we are working closely with our consultants to develop a modified course schedule that allows you greater flexibility, but still getting the knowledge and skills you need.  

Live-online instruction will be conducted through Zoom while asynchronous learning assignments will be managed through Canvas, the University’s learning management system (LMS).

Once you register, we will provide you with more details on how to access the platforms as well as your materials.

To register, please visit our registration portal.

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Anthony Record

Anthony (Tony) Record has just finished his 30th year as a mathematics teacher at Avon High School, a western suburb of Indianapolis, IN.  During his time at Avon, he has played a role in helping the school’s AP Calculus program grow from 12 students to nearly 300.  He received his B.A. from Indiana University and his M.S. from Butler University.  In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Tony is an active consultant with both the National Math & Science Initiative and the College Board, having trained teachers and worked with students in 27 states.  He currently serves as both a  Texas Instruments T^3 Regional Instructor and a Reader for the AP Calculus Exam.  Tony is a former Indiana State Teacher of the Year Finalist and Armstrong Teacher Educator with Indiana University. He has authored the AP Calculus AB curriculum for the KIPP charter school system across the United States and has written several test preparation materials for various print and online publishers such as Propel Enterprises, www.albert.io and GetAFive.com, as well as worked as a problem reviewer for Barron’s AP Calculus AB/BC Prep book.  He lives in Avon, IN with his wife and two teen-aged children.  In his spare time, he loves to play guitar and is active with Central Indiana’s Hendricks Civic Theatre, having appeared in several productions.

How to Register

To register, please visit our registration portal. Attendees will need to register using their College Board login credentials. 

If paying by check or purchase order, CPE staff will follow up with an invoice. Please reference invoice number on check.

If you have questions or need assistance registering, please contact cpe@utc.edu or 423-425-4344.

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