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AP® Biology Course Schedule


I plan on providing you access to all of my AP Biology course materials including PowerPoint lectures, chapter objectives outlines and homework assignments (and grading rubrics), exams, my versions of the labs, additional labs, handouts and a variety of other “goodies”.  If possible, bring a laptop or other device with you so you can access these materials during the workshop on a flash drive.  I will also have these materials set up on a Google Drive for your use.

You will receive a copy of the CEDs and other specific training materials as part of your APSI packets.

Tentative Institute Syllabus and Outline

Italics* - indicates new material from the CED

Monday Morning Session

  • Workshops Introductions goals and needs for the workshop from participants
  • Discussion: Overview of AP Biology, the course and the labs.
  • Discussion: Equity of Access – College Boards expectations
  • Previewing the Science Practices – Teaching for Transfer, Teaching for Understanding*
  • Understanding the Course Framework*
  • Understanding the Big Ideas*

Monday Afternoon Session

  • Presentation: Inquiry Labs – an overview
  • Discussion: Role of labs, lab notebooks etc.
  • Activity: Set-up of whole plant transpiration experiment (Inquiry format)
  • Activity : Set-up ecosystem energy lab (Inquiry format – Dissolved Oxygen method)
  • Activity: Set-up Dihybrid Genetics Lab

Tuesday Morning Session

  • Activity: pour Bacteria Plates for transformation lab.
  • Activity: Enzyme Lab
  • Exploring the Unit Guides*
  • Using the Topic Pages*
  • Scaffolding and Spiraling the Practices*
  • Planning Your Course*

Tuesday Afternoon Session

  • Reviewing the Instructional Approaches*
  • Activity: Photosynthesis Lab
  • Activity: Review results from Dissolved Oxygen Lab
  • Discussion: Teacher and Student lab manuals - what do you need?
  • Discussion: Textbooks for AP Biology
  • Overnight assignment – look at the essay questions on the practice exam

Wednesday Morning Session

  • Activity: Bacteria Transformation Lab
  • AP Biology Science Practice 2: Visualizing Information*
  • AP Biology Science Practice 4: Representing and Describing Data*
  • AP Biology Science Practice 3: Question and Method*
  • AP Biology Science Practice 5 – Statistics and Data Analysis*
  • Discussion: Quantitative Skills – Standard Error of Mean bars

Wednesday Afternoon Session

  • AP Biology Science Practice 6 – Argumentation*
  • Activity: Gel Electrophoresis Lab
  • Activity: BLAST Lab, Bats aren’t Bugs Lab
  • Activity: Population Genetics Lab – computer simulation (Allele A1 lab)
  • Discussion: Quantitative Skills for Hardy/Weinberg.

Thursday Morning Session

  • Activity: Respiration Lab (Inquiry method using macro and micro respirometers
  • AP Course Audit and Curriculum Requirements*
  • AP Biology Science Practice 1 – Concept Application*
  • AP Exam Structure*
  • Formative Versus Summative Assessments*
  • Assessing Student Understanding – Scoring Free-Response Questions*
  • AP Classroom – overview and possible uses*

Thursday Afternoon Session

  • Next Steps: Joining the AP Teacher Community and finding Additional Resources*
  • Activity: Wrap-up Bacteria Transformation Lab
  • Activity: Wrap-up 72 hour Dihybrid Genetics Lab.
  • Discussion: Quantitative Skills - Chi Square statistics
  • Activity: Wrap-up of Whole Plant Transpiration Lab
  • Evaluations, Awarding of Certificates, Door Prizes and Dismissal

How to Register

To register, please visit our registration portal. Attendees will need to register using their College Board login credentials.  

If paying by check or purchase order, CPE staff will follow up with an invoice. Please reference invoice number on check.

If you have questions or need assistance registering, please contact or 423-425-4344.

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