Plants in beakers

AP® Biology

New & Experienced Teachers

The AP Biology Summer Institute aims to give teachers the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skill in teaching the Curriculum Framework. Participants will discuss, research, and share ideas on topics including course organization, incorporation of inquiry and statistical analysis to classroom activities and labs, use of models to explain biological processes, development of students’ written responses, use of formative and summative assessments, and exam preparation. A student-centered approach to teaching AP Biology will be emphasized and a variety of materials and resources to support the implementation of the curriculum framework within the classroom will be shared. As participants explore the big ideas and science practices through hands-on activities and labs, tips on how to successfully set-up, conduct, and evaluate them will be included. Through the sharing of best instructional practices and collaborative lesson modification and development, participants will leave the session with classroom-ready materials.

Course Takeaways

  1. Participants will leave the session with classroom-ready lessons
  2. Participants will expand their professional network for exchanging best practices
  3. Participants will gain experience applying the AP Science Practices and generate new ways to weave them throughout course materials.
  4. Participants will have fun taking on the student role and doing science!

Additional Information

Participants should bring a laptop for in class use, a graphing calculator, a copy of his or her school calendar for 2019-2020 and class textbook if available for syllabus planning (as needed), and two items to share at the institute: 1) an inquiry lab/activity and 2) a non-inquiry activity that one has (or might have) AP students do.  We will discuss these labs and activities as we review the curriculum framework for AP Biology and share these with one another. Therefore, bring a paper copy of these two labs/activities, but also have them available electronically. 

We will be using Google Drive to share course materials.  Participants will be receiving from me a separate email invitation to that folder closer to the start date for the workshop.