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AP® Human Geography

During the 2018 AP® Human Geography APSI Workshop, participants will:

  • Create/adapt 2017-18 APHG APHG syllabus (course audit).
  • Create/share a variety of unit lessons that can be used NOW.
  • Develop strategies to help your students understand the WHERE and WHY of APHG- and translate that into successful multiple choice and FRQ scores.
  • Explore teaching strategies that will increase your confidence in teaching APHG and create a network of like-minded teacher-learners that can be used as a resource after the conclusion of the APSI.

Instructor - Rita Cron Hines

Rita Cron Hines has taught Advanced Placement Human Geography since 2008 at J.M. Atherton High School in Louisville, Kentucky. By Site Based Decision Making Council (SBDM) rules: all students enrolled in any AP course must take the corresponding AP exam…this means there is no statistical game playing with passing percentages played at our school.

The pass rate for our 9th graders taking this course since 2008 exceeds the national average of 50% every year. This is a testament to sound pedagogic lessons and best practice use by our instructors.

Rita earned her A.B. in Journalism at Indiana University, Bloomington, and her M.A.T. at Bellarmine University in Louisville.  Her Ed.S. degree is from the University of Louisville, and she is a doctoral candidate in educational administration at U of L at present.

In addition to teaching APHG, Rita teaches in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, and serves as the CAS coordinator for this program. She served three terms on SBDM and department chair for Social Studies three terms. She is College Board certified to teach APHG, AP English Language and AP U.S. History. She was an ExCel Award winning teacher in 2008, the recipient of the 2014 Ashland Teacher of the Year Achievement, and was recently nominated for the Gilder-Lehrman  National Teacher of the Year Award.

Rita has served as a reader for APHG for the past seven (7) years, and has served as a consultant for APHG for four (4) years as of 2017.