Here’s a program that brings all the great things about GEAR UP together in one action-packed week.  You’ll get your chance to:

  • Toss eggs in the hotly contested GEAR UP Olympics
  • Craft a television-ready video
  • Scale the GEAR UP climbing wall on Lookout Mountain
  • Get guidance from the UTC student-mentors who are our counselors
  • Expand your college knowledge
  • Strengthen your ACT skills
  • Line dance with Ms. Michelle
  • Find out what the Hot Boudin is, the desire of every student in the land!


Orange Team, winners of the Hot Boudin


This program takes place 20 miles south of Chattanooga at the Tennessee National Guard’s training site in Tunnel Hill, Georgia.  Students and staff live at the camp for six days and engage in non-stop learning, team-building, and activities that will make your mind, body & spirit stronger.  After a week at Camp GEAR UP, you’ll know more than you do now, you’ll be able to do things you can’t do now and you will be a different & more capable person.  This is the best GEAR UP has to offer and you want to be sure to be part of it.


Applications for Camp GEAR UP 2016 will be available here later this year.  Meantime, check out the Camp GEAR UP daily schedule here and pictures from Camp GEAR UP 2015 here.