CK, Now!

The Moc College Day Schedule

*Please note that a full Moc College Day lasts about 5 hours. However, we will gladly accommodate your school or group with a shorter Moc College Day if you are unable to attend a full session (does not effect cost).* 

 Moc College Orientation (required classes)

(approx. 45 minutes including bathroom break):

  • Welcome to UTC

    • Split students into 4 groups (College of Business, College of Engineering & Computer Science, College of Health & Education; College of Arts & Sciences) 

  • The Journey Starts Now [video & presentation]

-------Bathroom Break - 10 minutes-------

Moc College Elective Classes 

(Please visit our "Elective Classes" tab to see the amazing opportunities available to your students.)

  • Elective 1 (35 minutes)

  • Elective 2 (35 minutes)

----------------------------LUNCH/BREAK (provided by school - 30 minutes)-----------------------

  • Elective 3 (35 minutes)

  • Elective 4 (35 minutes)

  • Final Exam (15 mins. Wrap up discussion, What I Learned About College, distribute -I'm College Bound!- wristbands)