Mission Statement

The Center for Community Career Education is dedicated to educate, support, and inspire individuals to achieve their potential.

Vision Statement

We are a team of leaders committed to world class educational services and products for career and organizational development


As a center dedicated to increasing opportunities and improving the quality of life for our participants and staff:

We recognize the dignity and strength found in diversity and we value differences;

We create trust and build confidence in our integrity through all of our interactions;

We strive for excellence and seek improvement, accountability and innovation through constant evaluation and revision;

We enable achievement for those we serve, as well as those who serve.

Guiding Principles

  1. The Center is guided by honesty, integrity and respect in its internal and external relationships.
  2. Our staff is our most valuable resource.
  3. As Center growth provides opportunities to train others in service delivery and to branch into new areas, we remain dedicated to providing quality direct service as our foundation.
  4. We value competence and quality, and expect the best from ourselves for our customers.
  5. High performance of staff is driven by a focus on using individual strengths, maximizing personal satisfaction and maintaining value alignment.
  6. Flexibility and dedication to our customers are key to our success.
  7. Teamwork is critical for the Center to reach its goals. "None of us is as smart as all of us."
  8. The Center cannot operate in isolation; we value collaboration and partnerships.
  9. In striving to achieve the purpose expressed in our mission and the realization of our vision, we will cultivate the habit "Put First Things First", by identifying priorities as well as by organizing and managing time and events.
  10. Goal achievement is best accomplished when individuals are empowered with self-confidence and knowledge and when they take personal responsibility for themselves.  The Center will be guided by this principle and the value of lifelong learning in the design and delivery of all services.
  11. Career growth is enhanced when individuals focus and build on strengths while learning to manage weaknesses.