Transient Student Process

All schools will require the following:

  1. apply as a Transient student
  2. pay the application fee, if applicable
  3. provide evidence of your academic standing
  4. provide evidence of your US citizenship
  5. provide copies of your immunizations if registering as a full-time student
  6. Provide a copy of your transcript (official or unofficial; check school for requirement) for the academic department to confirm pre-requisites
  8. register & pay for your classes accordingly*

*You may qualify for financial aid, including the HOPE Scholarship, through UTC. 

Once your class is complete, you MUST request a copy of your transcript be sent to UTC Admissions – regardless of the grade you earned.

Chattanooga State:  Submit a copy of your Official Transcript OR a Letter of Good Standing completed by the UTC Records Office. For official transcript, go to