Graduation FAQS

1.   I am ready to graduate. What do I need to do?
All students must apply for graduation. You may find the online application for graduation in your MyMocsNet account under the Academics tab.

2.   When should I apply for graduation?
Students must apply for graduation no later than one semester before their anticipated graduation date. Applications must be submitted online by the following deadlines:

  • Spring Graduation – October 15
  • Summer Awarding (no graduation ceremony) – March 15
  • Fall Graduation – June 15

 Note:Beginning with the spring 2016 graduation application, if you miss the application deadlines listed above, you will be charged a $50 late fee. Late applications may be submitted in paper form along with the late fee to the Records Office by the following dates:

  • Spring Graduation – April 1
  • Summer Awarding – July 5
  • Fall Graduation – November 1

3.   I’ve applied for graduation. What happens next?
After you’ve applied for graduation, a Graduation Specialist in the Records Office will conduct an audit of your academic record (MyMocsDegree) and send you a Graduation Status Report (GSR). The GSR will highlight any remaining requirements you must complete in order to graduate from UTC. The GSR will be sent to your UTC email address so make sure you check this email account on a regular basis.

4.   What kinds of things will the Graduation Specialist be looking for in the audit?
Graduation Specialists will check to see if the following requirements have been completed or are in progress:

  • Completion of all major and minor requirements based on a valid catalog year
  • Completion of at least 120 credit hours
  • A minimum 2.0 overall GPA, a minimum 2.0 UTC GPA, and a minimum 2.0 GPA in major and minor classes
  • No “Incomplete” grades
  • Completion of at least 39 hours of 3/4000 level courses (At least 12 of these hours must be from your major department)
  • Completion of at least 60 hours at an accredited 4 year institution
  • The last 24 hours of your degree must be completed at UTC

 5.   Is there anything else I need to do before graduation?
All seniors must take the Senior Exit Exam before graduation. This is a standardized multiple choice exam taken during your last semester. It is designed to measure content related to writing skills, mathematics, reading, science, and critical thinking and, therefore, is used as a tool for evaluating UTC’s curriculum.  For more information, visit the Senior Exit Exam webpage.

6.   When will I receive my diploma?
Diplomas are mailed 6-8 weeks after graduation to your permanent address as indicated in your MyMocsNet account. It is important that you keep this address updated. The university will not release transcripts or diplomas unless all financial obligations have been satisfied. If you have received a student loan, you must complete a Financial Aid Exit interview before your diploma or transcript will be mailed.

For additional graduation information, please refer to the Records Office website.