Key Terms

Academic Advisor — staff or faculty member that provides student assistance with academic planning, campus resources, and registration.

Alternate Pin — a six-digit number that students obtain from their academic advisers to be used for registration.  While the regular MOCSNET user ID and password will allow students to look at a variety of personal information online (grades, transcripts, account status, etc.,), only the Alternate PIN, if assigned, will allow students to add or drop classes.

Co-Requisite — a course that you must take at the same time as another course; the co-requisite course gives you the complementary knowledge you need to succeed in both courses. 

Pre-Requisite — a course that you must complete before you can enroll in the next, associated course; the pre-requisite course gives you the knowledge you need to take the next course.

CRN — (Course Reference Number) the blue number found on the far left of the course information in the Schedule of Classes.

Credit — the numerical value awarded upon completion of specified studies, usually based on class meeting length and frequency. UTC states credit in semester hours.

Discipline — an area of study representing a branch of knowledge, such as mathematics.

Full-Time/Part-Time — students are classified as full time if they are registered for 12 credit hours or more. Students registered for 6 to 11 credit hours are classified as part-time. Students with less than 6 credit hours are considered less than part-time.

Major — the student’s primary program of study and typically includes courses from a single discipline or a set of similar disciplines. Some majors require that students choose a concentration within the major. A concentration is a group of courses emphasizing one specialized area of study within a major.

Minor — a secondary subject area of interest but not a subdivision of the major subject area. Students must complete all academic requirements—including those for the major and minor—from the same catalog year.

My MocsNet Account — the portal for faculty, students and staff to access resources on campus. To login to MocsNet, go to and click on My MocsNet then enter your UTCID and password in the Login box.  From there, you can access academic information, financial aid, and registering for classes.

Semester — half an academic year or 15-16 weeks.

Tuition and Fees — sum of money due for instruction, maintenance, and access to campus resources.  Tuition fees do not include books and parking.