Freshmen Pre-Registration Information

UTC is committed to each student’s academic success. We know how important it is for you, as a first-year student, to be enrolled in courses that are well matched to your academic background and skill level. These courses will also help you meet the requirements of the university so that you can reach your ultimate goal of graduation.

Academic Advisors will create a Fall  course schedule for all new first year students. Courses will be selected for you based on your intended major (as indicated from your Academic Interest Questionnaire), your placement scores, and information you provide for us in this survey. The Academic Interest Questionnaire is located within the application for new student orientation.

Fall Course Schedule for Incoming Freshmen

For your first semester at UTC, you will be registered for courses geared towards meeting the degree requirements based on your chosen major. We’re registering all first-year students for the following courses:

  • Rhetoric and Composition course (if credit not previously received)
  • Mathematics course (if credit not previously received)

As recommended by your department and based on your AIQ, you will be registered for additional courses from the following list:

  • Department related course(s)
  • General Education course(s)
  • Foreign Language course (if major requires)
  • First Year Studies course(s)

Math and English Course Placement

Mathematics placement is determined by your ACT or SAT Math subscore. Additional details are available on the Math department's website.

English composition placement is based ona combination of ACT/SAT English subscores and an online directed self-placement.