Options for students with a Math ACT of 18 or lower and need Math at UTC.

National as well as UTC data demonstrate that many college freshman do not come to college prepared to be successful in college-level math or prepared to do math at the level required of their major.  This lack of math preparedness may limit the courses you can take when you start UTC. 

A math sub-score of 18 or below indicates that your math skills are not developed to the college level.  Because the Tennessee state legislature does not allow developmental courses at four-year universities, you will not be able to take a developmental course at UTC. The good news is that you can help yourself before you start UTC if you complete one of the following options before fall classes begin:

1. During the summer, take a course or courses at a local community college to get the background you need to start a college-level course in the fall at UTC. If you take this option, you must successfully complete Math 1006, sometimes called intermediate algebra, to be at the college level.

2. Take the ACT Residual to increase your math ACT sub-score.  You have to take the entire ACT, and you must take it at UTC because the scores count only at UTC. The ACT is offered at UTC every Monday at 1 p.m. throughout the year.  For more information on taking the ACT, click here.

3. Enroll in the Step Ahead Math (SAM) program offered on the UTC campus from July 15 through July 26.  All the information you need for this program is listed on the enclosed flyer.  You may register for this program only online starting on April 22, 2013. For more information and to register for SAM, go to this website. Participating in SAM does not guarantee that your math skills will improve to the college level. If you plan to come to SAM, you must register for one of the first five orientation sessions. Please register as soon as possible to reserve a space.

For a complete list of required math courses by major, return to the previous page here.

We hope that we have given you some helpful information.  Please feel free to contact the Center for Academic Support and Advisement at 423-425-4573 if you have additional questions.