UTC Learn Blackboard Operations


Kim McCroskey, LMS Administrator


The UTC Learn Blackboard Operations Team is responsible for the ongoing management and coordination of support, development, implementation, delivery, and maintenance of the learning management system.  Our team works to ensure users, courses, enrollments, and communities within our system are fully functional. We continuously gather and evaluate usage data to ensure appropriate technical solutions are pursued, developed, and implemented.  We work closely with the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning staff to provide an ongoing cycle of training opportunities on the tools and features associated with the LMS environment.

Overall Goals:

The goals of the UTC Learn Blackboard Operations Team are to extend the physical and virtual classroom environment through technology; provide the ability for faculty and staff to facilitate collaboration on- and off-campus; and help improve the learning experience of our students.

Project Personnel:

Center for Academic and Innovative Technologies provides the operational and functional support for the system.

  • Kim McCroskey, LMS Administrator
  • Evan Gross, LMS System Administrator
  • Brent Phillips, Learning Technologies Systems
  • Walker Center for Teaching and Learning provides the training for the system.

Current Projects for the Team:

  • Adding photos to the roster tool in Blackboard (January 2015)
  • Tracking student attendance using Blackboard (January 2015)
  • Creating Blackboard administrative operations manual (January 2015)
  • Creating UTC Learn Blackboard manual for faculty (March 2015)
  • Integrating mid-term and final grade transfer between Blackboard and Banner (Fall 2015)