The Technology to Improve the Learning Experience (TILE) Initiative 


Lead: Michael Ward


Description: The TILE Initiative is aimed at improving the learning experience of UT Chattanooga students and faculty.  The first phase involves surveying the technical resources of UT Chattanooga, the perceived deficiencies of those resources, and the major requirements of UT Chattanooga students. It also should include gathering suggestions for improvements made by students, faculty, and staff.   The second phase will be the correlation of the data gathered in phase one to the feasibility of satisfying the requirements specified by those data.  The final phase will be the creation of a report, intended for senior IT management and UT Chattanooga administrative personnel, that will included five to seven “data driven” recommendations.  These recommendations should outline the suggested improvement, how much it will cost, and how it would be implemented.  The logic, along with the corresponding data, will also be presented for how each improvement was chosen.


Overall Goal: The TILE Initiative will suggests five to seven data-driven recommendations on how to leverage technology to improve the learning experience of our students.



  • Michael Ward – Research, Data Collection/Correlation, Writing
  • Jeffrey Wetherill – Writing, Editing, Oversight
  • DIGITAL Apprentices – Research, Survey Design, Research, Data Collection/Correlation, Writing
  • Christopher Howard, UTC Networking Admin – Provide Research Data
  • Reed Gregory, UTC Datacenter Manager – Provide Research Data


Action Items:

  • Background Research – M Ward and Digital Apprentices acquire background statistics relevant to TILE in Fall 2014.
  • Data Collection – DIGITAL Apprentices conduct survey of faculty and students in January/February 2015
  • Report Generation – Ward, Wetherill, and DIGITAL Apprentices will collate the data, summarize findings and prepare report to be delivered in April 2015.



  • Sample Size –The TILE Initiative will have multiple sessions in highly-populated locales at peak traffic times, manned by the DIGITAL Apprentices, to encourage survey participation.
  • Survey Mechanism – Which online survey platform will be used?
  • Time Frame – Will two months be sufficient?



  • Greater Student Insight – Provide a clearer picture of what students expect from technology at UTC.
  • Real World Deliverables – Improvements that are financially and technologically feasible.