GIS Certificate & Geoportal

GIS Certificate Program

  • The geospatial technology field is a rapidly expanding, high growth job sector of the global economy.
  • Geospatial technologies and services employ over 500,000 people (more than airline industry) and generate annual revenues of $75 billion (more than U.S. Paper Industry). The adoption and utilization of geospatial services generates and estimated $1.6 trillion of total impact to the U.S. economy (The Boston Consulting Group, 2012.  
  • UTC  offers a minor in Geographic Information Science and a Geographic and Cartographic Sciences path through Environmental Sciences undergraduate program. While these courses are currently reaching traditional students, primarily from the Arts and Sciences programs on campus, non-traditional and students from non-Arts & Sciences programs such as Business, Computer Science, and Engineering are underserved with exposure and instruction in geospatial technologies.
  • A great opportunity to provide geospatial technology training and certification through online or traditional instruction at UTC currently exists. 
  • CAIT is coordinating and facilitating an effort to develop a GIS certificate program on campus. CAIT will provide long term support the technical and infrastructure needs for a GIS certificate program once established


UTC Geoportal

  • Over the past 10 years, UTC has assembled a comprehensive regional geospatial database. Through close community partnerships and funded applied research projects, this database spans a broad spectrum of topics, themes, and fundamental “base” data layers such as imagery, land cover, infrastructure, and demographics.
  • This wealth of information is currently underutilized on campus.
  • An open geospatial data portal, or “GeoPortal” will be developed to greatly increase access, awareness, and incorporation of geospatial data in UTC course instruction and research.
  • CAIT will host and maintain the GeoPortal and all content.