James began working for the IT department in 2000 as a student employee while working on his undergrad. He started off in the Student Computer Lab and later transferred to Audiovisual Services.

In 2002, James was hired on as staff for the Lupton Podium project, and over the next 2 years James and his team installed over 100 professional audiovisual systems in classrooms, conference rooms, and auditoriums.

Now, as Project Manager of Audiovisual Services, James is responsible for over 150 rooms equipped with AMX and Extron control systems which have greatly enhanced the teaching and learning environment at UTC in order to keep students first.

5 Questions

1. Cats or Dogs? Chickens

2. Name a hobby that you would turn into a career if it were possible? Backpacking

3. What is the first album you bought? Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

4. What four people, living, dead, or undead, would you invite to your dinner party? Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus, & Christopher Hitchens

5. What's a 20th century invention you'd like to uninvent? Fast food restaurants