I  began working on campus as a student worker in 2002 in the student computer lab.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working here ever since. My current job came about when the Lupton grants provided for several upgrades to campus technology.  The majority of my time now is spent in upkeep of many of those same media systems I helped install 10(ish) years ago.
Though born and raised in Texas, I have considered the Chattanooga area as my home for over 20 years.  The beautiful scenery and interesting people here are my favorite in the world.  Though the allergies I have to face in this area are often frustrating, I can’t imagine a place I’d rather live.


1. Worst job you ever had? I once worked at a company whose business was laundry from several area hospitals.  I worked in the area that sorted the soiled laundry.  Worst. Job. Ever.

2. What is your favorite condiment? Mustard.  I love all kinds of mustard and am always willing to try new ones.  However, sometimes, good old plain yellow mustard is all I want.

3. What are your criteria for naming pets? This is really more my wife’s thing.  My wife is a theater person so all of our pet’s names have something to do with Shakespeare.

4. Name a hobby that you would turn into a career if it were possible. I enjoy doing silly voices and mimicking cartoon characters’ voices.  I would love to do voices for cartoons.