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Jeffrey Wetherill
Director, Center for Academic and Innovative Technologies
Center for Academic and Innovative Technologies
  (423) 425-5105
  Library 431

Director, Center for Academic and Innovative Technologies, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Dec 2013 – present)

Director of Digital Learning, Hobart and William Smith Colleges (Mar 2010 – Nov 2013)

Director of eLearning Faculty Services & Deltakedu Online Program Development Manager, Utica College (May 2004 – Feb 2010) 

Administrative Faculty - Academic Adviser, Eastern Oregon University (July 2002 – May 2004)

My role is to oversee the Center for Academic and Innovative Technologies (CAIT) along with our classroom technologies (media services) team. Our goal is to explore (R&D) and engage (collaboration) in transformative projects that enhance (innovation) academic success through information technology.  We strive to deliver collaborative solutions geared toward academic research, grant acquisition, and technology innovation.


When did you come to UTC? How long have you worked at UTC? As of this writing, I’ve been here 3 weeks (started Dec 2013) and I’m already 3 months behind!

What's the biggest change you've experienced? Living in Ireland for 10 years.

Cats or Dogs? Dogs. Always. Woof.

Name a hobby that you would turn into a career if it were possible? Photographer.

Where is the farthest place you have traveled? Prague (Czech Republic). One of the best cities on earth!

What's a website design that you like? One that I can easily navigate.

Worst job you ever had? Grocery store meat packer.

Biggest advantage and disadvantage to working more with computers than people? Don’t underestimate their personalities. I’m referring to computers, of course!

What is the first album you bought? Might not be my first album, but I did have every Styx and Journey album available. Ah, the good ol’ vinyl days.

What four people, living, dead, or undead, would you invite to your dinner party? C.S. Lewis, Billy Graham, Jonny Reznik (GooGooDolls), and Bill Mallonee (Vigilantes of Love).

Current favorite gadget? The Post-it note (they work wonders when you need one).

What are some of your first memories of the internet? The annoying squelching sound coming from my dial-up modem.

Soda of choice? Ginger Ale (on the rocks!)

A misconception from childhood only corrected as an adult? The grass isn’t always greener.

What's a 20th century invention you'd like to uninvent? The Chia pet (or maybe that was a 21st century?)

What is your favorite band and why? Bill Mallonee and the Vigilantes of Love (great music and lyrics that make you think) –

Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? Somewhere warm without snow piled taller than you are!