CPSC 1000 Introduction to Computing (Non-IA course)

Course Description:

Overview of the development of the electronic computer, its technology, capabilities, and limitations. Ethical and social issues are considered, as well as the role of computers in society. Introduction to the use of a range of useful microcomputer hardware and software. Extensive laboratory experience. Supplementary course fee assessed.


This course is intended for non-CS majors. and does not use a written text; rather all material is present within a learning system called SAM (Skills Assessment Management).  However, the material within SAM is linked to the textbook: New Perspectives Computer Concepts; Edition:2012; Authors: June Jamrich Parsons and Dan Oja;Publisher: Thomson, Course Technology; ISBN: 9781111529086 (non e-book form for reference).  The material is delivered through a concept called training in which students view video on topics from the text.  Additional help is available if the student misses a questions including links to the text.


Delivery: This course is delivered as an online course and all material is handled through the Learning Management System (LMS) of the University.   There are two aspects to this course, an Office skills portion and a concepts portion.  The portion directly related to security deals with the concepts.   There are no lecture slides rather interactivity .  This course is an University wide course taken by a variety of majors.  The following chapters are covered with each having a security component. 

1. Computers and Digital Basics.
2. Computer Hardware.
3. Computer Software.
4. Operating Systems and File Management.
5. LANs and WLANs.
6. The Internet.
7. The Web and Email.
8. Digital Media.





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Secure Use

General Security Policy: Cyber Ethics

Cyber Ethics 

General Security Policy: Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC)

ITSEC Definition 

General Procedures: Inference

Inference Definition 

General Procedures: Rainbow Series

Rainbow Series 

General Procedures: NSTISSAM COMPUSEC/1-99 Insider Threat to Government Computer Systems

NSTISS Glossary 

General Countermeasures and Safeguards: Computer Law

Computer Law 

General Countermeasures and Safeguards: Computer Media

Computer Media 

General Countermeasures and Safeguards: Evaluate Security Testing Tools

Security Testing Tools 

Administrative Countermeasures/Safeguards: Control Management

Change Control 
Control Management 

Administrative Countermeasures/Safeguards: Privacy Act

Privacy Act of 1974 

Operations Policies/Procedures: Keystroke Monitoring

Keystroke Monitoring 

Operations Policies/Procedures: Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery 


Policy and Procedures: Incident Response

Incident Response 

Policy and Procedures: Witness Interrogation

Witness Interrogation 

Operations Countermeasures/Safeguard: Computer Attacks

Computer Attacks 
Computer Virus Timeline 

Operations Countermeasures/Safeguard: Computer Emergency Readiness Teams



Administrative Policies/Procedures: Approval to Operate

Approval to Operate 

Administrative Policies/Procedures: Configuration/Change Control

Change Control 

Administrative Policies/Procedures: Copyright Protection

Copyright Protection 

Administrative Policies/Procedures: Patch Management

Patch Management 

Administrative Policies/Procedures: Records Management

Records Management 

Administrative Policies/Procedures: Wireless Use Policies

Wireless Use Policy 

Anomalies and Integrity

General Risk Management: Computer System Risk Management

Risk Management 

Access Control Safeguards: Computer System Access Control

Access Control 

Access Control Safeguards: Protected Distribution Systems

Protected Distribution System 

Access Control Safeguards: Information Systems Access Restrictions

Access Restrictions 


Access Control Mechanisms: KMI Applications

Key Management 

Access Control Mechanisms: Single Sign-on

Single Sign On 


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