BMGT 360: Management of Information Systems

Course Description

Systems and information concepts; systems in organizations; systems tools; decision making database concepts; information systems analysis and design; integrative business project that includes problem identification, definition, requirements analysis, system design, and implementation. Every Semester. Prerequisites: Management 100, 315; junior standing.


Title: Using MIS

Edition: 2007

Authors: David M. Kroenke

Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall

ISBN: 0-13-143372-5

 Lecture Notes

1.     Chapter 1 -- MIS and You; Introduction to E-learning 

2.     Chapter 2 -- Purposes of Information Systems

3.     Chapter 3 -- Technical Aspects of IT

4.     Chapter 4 -- Database Processing; Designing Databases: Conceptual Design; Using Access for Database Application

5.     Chapter 6 -- System Development; Using Access for Application Development

6.     Chapter 7 -- Information Systems within Organization

7.     Chapter 8 -- E-Commerce and SCM; How to Design a Web-site?

8.     Chapter 9 -- BI and Knowledge Management; Using DSS for Decision-making

9.     Chapter 10 -- Information Systems Management; In Class E-Learning; Future Trends of IT



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