Job Search Checklist


A successful job search will require your commitment to careful planning, preparation, and participation.
____ Identify personal strengths, skills, interests, and values. You will communicate these through your cover letter, resume, and interviews.
____ Start a job search notebook to track employer correspondence and activity.
____ Activate your Moc Links account to search for full-time positions through University Career Services.
›Step One: (Click on Register for Moc Links)
›Step Two: Complete your personal profile.                                                  
›Step Three: Upload your resume and publish it in the web resume book.
Take Action:                                                                                                                            
____ Search for opportunities to apply for on-campus interviews. Follow procedures and watch for upcoming deadlines. Schedules are updated frequently. Be prepared for employers who contact you directly as a result of searching the resume database and finding your resume.
____ Search for opportunities to apply for positions directly.
____ Create a list of three professional references. Make this available to employers, upon request.
____ Obtain copies of your academic transcripts. Make this available to employers, upon request.
____ Prepare a portfolio or work samples (if appropriate for your field).
____ Identify and attend Career & Student Employment Center workshops, designed to prepare you for the search.
____ Prepare for interviews. Practice! Sign-up for a Mock Interview.
____ Research industries, employers, and locations before making contact.
____ Network whenever possible!  This is how 75% of most people find a job! Take advantage of every opportunity to meet employers.