Assisting Students of Concern

A Faculty and Staff Response Guide

If someone is an immediate threat to self, others, or property it should be considered an emergency and directed to the UTC Police Department at (423) 425-HELP/4357 or 911 (from on-campus phone).

Please refer to the table below for a quick reference on how to respond when you are concerned for a student. For more information on working with disruptive or distressed individuals or survivors of sexual misconduct, relationship violence, or stalking, please visit the appropriate links on the sidebar.

If the student...

Take Immediate Action

  • Threatens to injure, harm, kill, or risk the safety of self or others

  • Acts in a frightening or threatening manner

  • Refuses to leave the classroom after being asked to leave

  • Reports or initiates a threat or bomb scare

Call 911


(423) 425-HELP from a campus phone

If the student...

Report to the Appropriate Office

  • Acts significantly out of character

  • Acts in a way that causes alarm

  • Displays unhealthy or dangerous patterns of behavior

Student Outreach & Support

(423) 425-CARE

Referral Form

  • Reports having been a victim or perpetrator of sexual

      misconduct, relationship violence, or stalking

 Title IX Coordinator

(423) 425-4255 

If the student...

Consult for Guidance or Advice

  • Appears to be out of touch with reality

  • Reports suicidal thoughts or actions, depression, hopelessness,

    anxiety, or difficulty dealing with grief

Counseling Center

(423) 425-4438

  • Reports having been a victim of sexual misconduct,

      relationship violence, or stalking

Refer to/consult with:

Survivor Advocacy Services

(423) 425-5648


Report to:

Title IX Coordinator

(423) 425-4255 

  • Indicates experiencing hate crimes, bias, or discrimination

Office of Equity and Inclusion

(423) 425-5468

  • Reports having been a victim of hazing or other crime

  • Exhibits behavior that substantially impairs, interferes, or

    obstructs orderly processes and functions of the University

  • Exhibits behavior that deliberately interferes with instruction

    or office procedures

  • Exhibits behavior that is lewd or offensive

  • Exhibits behavior that breaches the peace

  • Reports feeling overwhelmed by a family or personal emergency

  • Is not attending class or work for an extended period of time

  • Seems overwhelmed by a problem that could affect class or work

    attendance or persistence (including financial, emotional, health,

    and social concerns)

Student Outreach & Support

(423) 425-CARE