Trips & Clinics      

Trips are free unless stated otherwise. Sign up in the Outdoors Center, located on the first floor of the Aquatics and Recreation Center (ARC).

Cancellation Info:  All Trips have a mandatory pre-trip meeting on the Tuesday before a trip. All cancellations will need to be made before the pre-trip meeting, during open UTC Outdoor Center hours for a full refund. If you fail to attend the pre-trip meeting or the trip you will be charged a fee. 

If the trip is canceled, refunds will be returned to the patron in person. You will be notified by the trip leaders the day before the trip if this occurs.  

Further Note: These are high adventure activities so please be aware that there are risks involved.  UTC Outdoors strives to minimize these risks, yet all elements of risks can never be eliminated. To prevent any problems, follow all instructions giving by the trip leaders, follow all safety guidelines and regulations.  Please read, fill out, sign and date the trip health form and hold harmless agreement.  Your information will remain private.

Spring 2018 Trip Descriptions:


Snowboarding Sugar Mountain Day Trip

  • Trip Date: 1/20/18
    Registration opens: 1/8/18
    Registration closes: 1/16/18 @ 6:00pm
    Mandatory Pre-Trip Meeting: 1/16/18 @ 8:15pm
    Location: ARC Spin Room
    Trip Location: Sugar Mountain, North Carolina
    Cost: $60

Join UTC Outdoors as we travel to Sugar Mountain Resort for a day of snowboarding and skiing in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Whether you have been before or have never seen snow, take advantage of this great opportunity to get out and try something new with new people! No experience is required for this trip. First come-first serve equipment available, transportation to and from the resort is provided.


Caving Howards Waterfall Day Trip

  • Trip Date: 1/27/18
    Registration opens: 1/08/18
    Registration closes: 1/23/18 @ 6:00pm
    Mandatory Pre-trip Meeting: 1/23/18 @ 8:15pm
    Location: ARC Spin Room
    Trip Location: Howards Waterfall, Trenton, GA
    Cost: Free

Here at UTC Outdoors, we enjoy getting a little muddy every now and then and the best way we’ve found to do that is to spend a few hours exploring the Howards Waterfall cave. This is a trip you do not want to miss, so join us as we go explore the wonders that lie underneath the Earth. This is a trip for people of all experiences. We encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zones and take part in an experience that is new. This trip is free of cost and all equipment, instruction and transportation will be provided.


Climbing at Foster Falls Day Trip

  • Trip Date: 2/3/18
    Registration opens: 1/16/18
    Registration closes: 1/30/18 @ 6:00pm
    Mandatory Pre-trip meeting: 1/30/18 @ 8:15pm
    Location: ARC Spin Room
    Trip Location: Foster Falls Small Wild Area
    Cost: Free

Rock climbing can be hard sport to get involved with if you have never had the opportunity to try it and here at UTC Outdoors we want to offer the opportunity to get outside and try something new! Our staff are well trained and capable of showing you the ropes (pun intended). If you are interested at giving climbing a shot, we encourage you to join us on this adventure as we go and conquer the rock! No experience is necessary but we do encourage you to come in to our climbing wall on the bottom floor of the ARC and talk to some of our incredible staff members about climbing! All equipment, instruction, and transportation will be provided.


Climbing at the Red River Gorge Weekend Trip

  • Trip Dates: 2/16/18 - 2/18/18
    Registration opens: 1/29/18
    Registration closes: 2/13/18 @ 6:00pm
    Mandatory Pre-trip meeting: 2/13/18 @ 8:15pm
    Location: ARC Spin Room
    Trip Location: The Red River Gorge, Kentucky
    Cost: Free

UTC Outdoors is offering an incredible opportunity to go camping and climbing at the Red River Gorge located in Kentucky’s beautiful Daniel Boone National Forest. This will be a weekend long trip full of climbing, camping, and exploring the National Forest. We would like to encourage our participants to complete a UTC Outdoor belay clinic prior to the trip date if they are unfamiliar with climbing and proper climbing protocols. UTC Outdoors will be offering belay clinics prior to this trip and they are free of charge. This trip is also free of charge and all equipment, food, camping fees, and transportation will be covered.


Camping and Caving Overnight Trip

  • Trip Dates: 3/24/18 - 3/25/18
    Registration opens: 3/05/18
    Registration closes: 3/20/18 @ 6:00pm
    Mandatory Pre-trip meeting: 3/20/18 @ 8:15pm
    Location: ARC Spin Room
    Location: Mammoth Cave National Park
    Cost: Free

Join UTC Outdoors as we travel north into Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park to camp and explore the World’s Largest Cave System with over 400 miles explored! No experience is required for this free trip and all equipment, food, permits, campsites and transportation will be provided.


Intermediate Backpacking Weekend Trip

  • Trip Dates: 4/6/18 - 4/8/18
    Registration opens: 3/19/18
    Registration closes: 4/3/18 @ 6:00pm
    Mandatory Pre-trip meeting: 4/3/18 @ 8:15pm
    Location: ARC Spin Room
    Location: Savage Gulf State Natural Area
    Cost: Free

UTC Outdoors is excited to be taking another backpacking trip this spring semester. We will be backpacking an intermediate section of the Savage Gulf Trail which is a part of the South Cumberland State Park. Join us for a weekend of adventure as we crush this trail! This is an intermediate weekend trip. Some experience required. All gear, food, camping, permits and transportation will be covered.


Beginner Whitewater Kayaking Day Trip

  • Trip Date: 4/21/18
    Registration opens: 4/3/18
    Registration closes: 4/17/18 @ 6:00pm
    Mandatory Pre-trip meeting: 4/17/18 @ 8:15pm
    Location: ARC Spin Room
    Location: Hiwassee River, Reliance, TN
    Cost: Free

Join UTC Outdoors on a beautiful white water kayaking trip on the Hiwassee River. This trip is designed to introduce individuals to the sport of white water kayaking. Nestled in the mountains of the Cherokee National Forest lies the pristine Hiwassee River. This river is home to many different types of wildlife including: trout (rainbow, brown, and brook) hellbender's, deer, bear and bald eagles. This  is a Class II river with sections of rapids and peaceful, scenic sections. No experience is required for this free trip and all instruction, equipment, and transportation will be provided.


Biking the River Walk 

  • Date: 4/28/18
    Registration opens: 4/09/18
    Registration closes: 4/24/18 @ 6:00pm
    Mandatory Pre-trip meeting: 4/24/18 @ 8:15pm
    Location: ARC Spin Room
    Location: Tennessee River Walk
    Cost: free

Take a break from finals and de-stress with a beautiful bike ride alongside the Tennessee River! UTC practically sits on the riverwalk so put down the pencil, close your laptop and join UTC Outdoors on a scenic bike ride that will make you forget all about that chemistry exam you aren’t too sure about. This trip is free and the equipment will be provided. No transportation will be necessary.