Outdoor Equipment Rental

UTC Outdoors Center - Located on the First Floor of the Aquatic and Recreation Center.      

All outdoor equipment is available to any student, faculty/staff, and alumni with an ARC membership. The Outdoor Rental Equipment Program is a service to the UTC community provided by SGA.

Call 423.425.5750 for inquires regarding equipment rentals.


 New price sheet coming soon!



2 person tent- $3
3-4 person tent- $4
6 person tent- $5
15-20 Degree Sleeping Bag- $3
Sleeping Pad- $2
Backpack 60-75L- $5
Coleman Camping Stove- $3
Pocket Rocket Backpacking Stove-$3



White Water Kayak- $8
Sit on Top Kayak- $8
Stand Up Paddleboard- $8
Canoe- $8
Fly Fishing Gear- $8
Fly Fishing Waders- $5
White Water Tube- $4
Personal Floatation Device (PFD)- $2
Paddle (SUP, Kayak, Canoe)- $2



Mountain Bike- $5
Commuter Bike- $5
Semester Bike- $60 for the semester/$30 half semester




Snowboard & Boots- $8
Disc Golf Set- $3
Climbing Shoes- $3
Crashpad- $5 

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 Call 423.425.5750 for inquires regarding equipment rentals.

Group Gear Rentals: All student groups and organizations wanting gear for a program will be charged a rental fee and must arrange their rentals in advance. Cost will vary and is based on the type and amount of equipment needed. Please contact the Coordinator of Outdoor Programming at 423-425-5671 for more information.