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These programs are subsidized by the Student Activity Fee. 

Open to all UTC students, faculty, & staff with valid Mocs card

Adventure Schedule - UTC Adventure Trip Programs                 

These trips are open to all levels of experience. Most trips are free with one week's $20 (check only) deposit per participant.

Wilderness Institute for Leadership Development (WILD)

The Wilderness Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) brings together a community of future leaders and encourages growth in leadership ability through adventure based programs in the outdoors

Outdoor Equipment Rental Program

Mountain Bikes, Backpacks, Sleeping bags, Tents and all your outdoor equipment needs. Free with a $50 (check only) deposit.  

Climbing Program

42 foot indoor climbing tower, 13 foot indoor free-standing boulder and 13 foot training wall.

Weekly Activities

The weekly activities are open to all levels of experience. Come anytime.

UTC Outdoors Guide Book to the Chattanooga Area

Where to go on your own.  (camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing and mountain biking)

Custom Outdoor Trips

Contract us for your next outing.   We'll take care of everything.    


How to sign up, What to bring...


The "UTC OUTDOORS" Outdoor Recreation Program at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is designed to provide a fun and safe way to experience the outdoors for never-ever beginners and provide resources for those that have done it before. 

Participants on the Mocs Paddling and UTC Adventure Series programs have the opportunity to learn the skills and safety concerns for a wide variety of outdoor activities in a supervised environment.  Experienced trip leaders provide logistical planning, instruction, leadership and facilitation for the group.  Unless stated, no prior experience is required, all group equipment for the activities is provided as well as transportation. Some trips are available at an intermediate or experienced level for individuals to progress in their skill acquisition.   All of these outdoor trips are a great way to meet new people and to spend the day or weekend away from the daily routine of college life. 

The UTC Outdoors TO GO and the UTC Outdoors Guide Book offer resources to those that have done it before.  These programs provide the best resources at the best rates, FREE.  Chattanooga has the most concentrated amount of outdoor destinations in the south.  A person can find a place to go using our UTC Outdoors guidebook.  Our UTC Outdoors TO GO program offers our students a way to rent a wide verity of outdoor equipment.  Both of these programs are a great resource for those wanting to get out on their own.