Aquatics Rules and Policies

No person may use the pool or spa unless it is open and lifeguards are on duty.

General Aquatic Rules:

  • All instructions given by the lifeguards must be followed

  • One long whistle blow = everyone must clear the pool and spa

  • No running is allowed in the natatorium 

  • Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an parent or guardian (18+) at all times on the pool deck and in the facility
  • No dunking on the basketball hoop 

  • All guests must be 16 years or older to use the spa 

  • People with open wounds/infectious diseases are not allowed in the pool or spa

  • Diving is only permitted in the 10ft area of the pool

  • No back-flips, front-flips, back-dives, inwards, or gainers are allowed

  • Guests must go down the slide one at a time, feet first only

  • Guests may not go down the Kayak/Tube Plunge without an inner tube

  • Running, pushing, or other dangerous conduct is not allowed

  • Any floatation devices must be Coast Guard approved

  • Proper swim attire must be worn to use the pool or spa 

  • Infants and people with incontinence must use swim diapers 

  • Spitting and blowing your nose in the pool and spa is not allowed

  • Inappropriate displays of affection and profanity are not allowed

  • Do not hang on the lap lane lines

  • Only pool toys provided by UTC Aquatics are permitted in the pool

  • No food, gum, or drinks (other than water) are permitted in the natatorium

Photography and Videography Policy:

To respect the privacy and security of our students, members, and guests, photography and videography is strictly forbidden in the natatorium, rest rooms, and locker rooms.  Taking photos or filming is cause for immediate removal and possible suspension from Campus Recreation facilities and programs.  This includes, but is not limited to, the use of Instagram, Snapchat, or similar social media sites.   

 If you have any questions about our rules and policies,

please contact the Assistant Director of Programs and Engagement:

Craig Gosnell | (423) 425-5682 |