Aquatics and Safety FAQs 


36 laps (down and back)

Yes.  A minimum of 2 lifeguards will always be on duty.  

 Yes.  We offer private lessons for members: Private Swim Lessons

Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an parent or guardian (18+) at all times on the pool deck and in the facility

 No.   Anyone can rent the Aquatics Center.  For more information about pool parties click here.

 Pool parties can be booked online or in person at Campus Recreation.  Pool Party Rental.

 Yes.  All life jackets must be Coast Guard approved.  Puddlejumpers are allowed.  We also have life jackets for any guest to use.  

 The pool and spa temperature may fluctuate slightly every day, but the pool is usually 83-84 degrees and the spa is usually 102-103 degrees.  

Yes.  During organized pool events, all youth 12 and under will be asked to take a brief swim test.  Lifeguards also reserve the right to request a swim test of any guest if they feel it is needed.  

We do have swim equipment for our patrons. We have kickboards, pull buoys, and fins.

Yes, every semester we have AquaFit classes in the pool. It is a mixture of cardio-type exercises with water weights. For days and times, please check 'here' for the Group Fitness schedule.

An AquaMoc membership is $60 for 6 months and can be purchased for dependents of members. A breakdown of membership prices depending on eligibility status can be found 'here'. 

There is no food allowed on the pool deck except during parties, and during regular hours the only drink allowed is water.

We do not provide towel service for patrons. We do have a small collection of goggles that may be borrowed and returned, but the quality may not be very good so patrons are encouraged to bring their own goggles.

The swim team typically practices 4 times a week in the afternoon, but times vary each semester. For the 2018 Spring semester, they practice Monday-Thursday 5-6:30pm.

Yes, as long as the lifeguards checks them beforehand. We also have inner tubes, balls, noodles, and some diving toys for patrons to use.

Patrons must be 16 or older to use the spa.

Yes. All patrons must sign a new waiver every time they enter the facility for an event. 

Yes, each locker room has a set of showers for patrons. We encourage patrons to rinse off in these showers before entering the pool area.

Yes. The animal may sit on the side of the pool while you swim. 

Proper swim attire must be worn at all times in the pool and spa. Clothing must be designed for water sports, non-revealing, and excludes any type of street or cotton-based clothing. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Assistant Director of Programs and Engagement:

Craig Gosnell | (423) 425-5682 |