Adult Swim Clinics:

(Coming Fall 2018)


Adult Swim Clinic Photo

 Are you new to the water?  Want to learn how to improve your stroke?  Check out our Adult Swim Clinics!  Our clinics are designed to help you reach your swimming goals, whether you are starting out or a veteran.  Each clinic is carefully designed by our qualified instructors.  We also keep our clinics small to maximize one-on-one instructor time.  Adult Swim Clinics are offered only for UTC students and Campus Recreation members.  

 Basics for the Fearful Swimmer:

 This class is for people who would like to learn to swim, but do not feel comfortable in the water.  We will go over basic water skills and safety tips to make you feel more at ease in the water. 

Beginner Swimming:

 This class is for people who have always felt comfortable in the water, but have never learned to swim proper strokes.  Out instructors will teach you the basics of swimming, including floating, treading, and an introduction to all of the strokes.

 Stroke Development I:

 This class is for people who have basic knowledge of swimming strokes, but need help learning how to execute them well.  Our instructors will go through the four basic strokes, front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, and butterfly, as well as elementary backstroke and sidestroke.  This class will be personalized depending on which stroke(s) you would like to focus on.

Stroke Development II:

This class is for people who are proficient in their swimming, but would like to refine their strokes to take them to the next level.  Out instructors will help you focus on particular stroke improvement, flip turns, and more to help you add to your swimming skill set.    

 If you have any questions about our adult swim clinics,

please contact the Coordinator of Aquatics:

Craig Gosnell

(423) 425-5682