You may update your current weekly schedule anytime!

Use the following instructions to complete the form and submit in email:   Cadek home 
  1. Download the BLANK schedule in Excel  (click  DOWNLOAD Schedule NOW )
  2. Enter the current date in the "Date Updated" field
  3. Enter the lesson time for each student beneath their lesson day
  4. Enter any student names that should not be on your current schedule and type "DELETE" next to their name
    • alternatively, you may enter "DELETE" in the lesson time field
    • this step allows you to enter names for deletion as a correction/update to your previously 'emailed' weekly schedule from Cadek staff
  5. Add any additional student names and their lesson schedules
  6. SAVE YOUR EXCEL FILE and email it to the Cadek Conservatory staff 
You can also PRINT blank detailed instructor schedule/form with time slots - for individual use